Open Water Coaching

Anyone who would rather have the personal attention of their coach in open water.

From non swimmers to Olympic Triathletes

Open Water Swims: A triathletes biggest fear? Mass starts, learn the do's and don'ts of open water swimming. Prepare for your first race!

Level I (beginners)

For anyone who has never swam in open water before (fast or slow swimmers)

Anyone who has a fear of open water (fast or slow swimmers)

Level II (intermediate)

For anyone who has attended level 1 or who has raced in open water and wants further progressive coaching

Level III (advanced)

For anyone who is already racing and wishes to improve.

Pool Coaching

This is normally based at Eton College Pool unless otherwise advised.

After the first session this is followed by a report that will be emailed to you. It includes the analysis of the session with a review of goals and specific sessions with drills to work on correct technique for each individual.

Learn or Improve your swimming

Price List

Session Price per person
Beginner Induction £55
Group Courses/Induction £35
Individual Coaching £55
Group coaching (2 people) £55 (plus £35 for second person)
Group coaching (3 people) £55 (plus £32.50 for extra persons)
Group Coaching (4 people) £55 (plus £30 for extra persons)
Additional coach for larger groups with different abilities £40
Training Days Prices from £50