Open Water Swimming Coach

Rachael Wardle is currently undertaking a undergraduate sport psychology degree. She started as a club swimmer and as she got older moved onto more endurance based races and open water races. She has been coaching triathletes since she was 16. She generally coach novices and intermediate but she has also at times coached more advanced swimmers. 

Outside of the club sessions she can take on private coaching of triathletes who want to improve their swimming technique and ability. She also coaches people for individual races such as sprint distance triathlons to ironmans. Whilst at University she keeps in contact with those who have private tuition by sending regular training and coaching session updates. Where possible she likes to observe how other squads train and identify what techniques and methods of training that are being used.

In sessions where she coaches to improve swimmers she spends some time on technique and balances it with time spent on performance. Sessions normally follow the rule of base level, pre competition, competition and recovery depending on the athlete and the time of year in which their key race is taking place. This normally includes greater endurance during the winter and higher intensity in the summer.