British Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Coach

An hyperactive Spaniard who was a junior pro surfer, is an excellent open water swim coach for obvious reasons!

Pablo competes in sprint to Ironman races, competing for Spain as an age grouper in European and World Championships.

He now competing as an elite and racing at Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

His goal is clear,  qualifying for the Ironman World Championship Finals in Hawaii and share all he learns on his journey with other athletes.

Helping and inspiring athletes sharing his passion is what he enjoys more giving back something to the sport that has given him everything.

As a full time teacher, he particularly enjoys working with children and young adults in development programs.

For adults, taking athletes from the sofa to the top of their potential at any level they want to achieve. Believer of the mojo "if you can measure something you can improve it"

Pablo can not only do one2one coaching, he is your coach for training plans, group sessions and evo tri club training sessions. 


From competing all over the world surfing, Pablo is the perfect Open Water Swim coach to either take the first steps from the pool to the open water feeling secure and confident having fun, or to develop the skills needed to be in that front pack.