Triathlon Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist

Kevin Wallace is passionate about open water swimming and brings lots of experience, knowledge and insight into swimming in the great outdoors! He regularly coaches people that are new to the open water. After a session with Kevin you will feel more confident in the water – he is encouraging, will not let you give up and will help you achieve your swim goals whilst ensuring you have a fun and enjoyable session.

Kevin is Chairman and coach of a British Triathlon Tri club and has helped many athletes improve and achieve personal bests. With regular newcomers to sport coming his way, he has a knack of making people calm and confident. With open water swimming being one of the most feared of disciplines he is certainly a coach that can help you on your way!

He will help you practice all the essential skills to enhance your swimming including breathing techniques, sighting and navigation. He can calm down the most anxious of swimmers and make sure they are relaxed and ready to enjoy what the lake has to offer!

Kevin as an experienced Triathlon Coach, can help you to improve in each discipline. His triathlon coaching can help you to: